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The Balderas Brothers passion for bikes started when Tomas and his friends would ride their motorcycles through the streets of Celaya, Mexico. Mario just a kid would ride with his older brother Leo he couldn’t touch the floor but he wanted to steer the bike.

So each Sunday Leo would make Mario fill the tank with his allowance let him ride ten minutes and then take off and ride with his friends.

In 1969 the Balderas Family immigrated to the US in search of a better life. Tomas has been an Industrial Mechanic for more than 25yrs and worked for these companies as such: Reynolds Aluminum, Rexon Can company, Silgan Can company, and currently at California Bottling company. Mario has been an accountant and tax preparer for the last 25 years.

Getting married and raising a family put riding motorcycles on the back burner. On April 16th 2005 (one day after the tax deadline) Mario declared his freedom and went and bought a brand new Honda VTX he had raised his kids it was time for him to ride he was not going to be denied any longer.

Just a few months later Mario convinced Tomas that he too needed his freedom and one afternoon drove him a local Harley dealer and he got his Deuce.

Angie, Mario’s wife would not ride on a two wheeler so Mario made his motorcycle a trike. Mario soon discovered there was no place he could test ride and it took nearly 8 months for him to get his trike. Mario knew that if people could just ride a trike motorcycle they would want one so, being the serial entrepreneur that he is, he decided to start Freedom Rides in May 2008. Mario and Tomas had always talked about starting a business together and this one seemed perfect: Tomas had mechanical skills, Mario could do run the sales and marketing and keep the books.

Mario and Tomas will tell you that they are blessed with the success of Freedom Rides and the satisfaction they get to see the customer’s expression and excitement when they deliver a new trike and they make a new friend.

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